I like to consider myself an “educaterer.” I have a degree in nutrition as well as over 25 years experience as a caterer and personal chef. But my best training has come from cooking for my family – my husband and my two children, a son (age 16) and daughter (age 11). It is a daily challenge to get a healthy dinner on the table that everyone enjoys. My daughter is a vegetarian (at least, most days) and my husband is not the most adventurous of eaters, as far as trying new tastes.

With my son, it’s always tough getting him to eat more greens and other vegetables. In a nutshell, we’re like most American families. I love the idea of using nutrition as preventive medicine. So many of America’s health issues today have been caused or made worse by unhealthy choices when it comes to the food we eat. But, don’t get me wrong…I really love to eat great-tasting food! That’s why my goal is to get a healthy family meal on the table without it being made so “overly” healthy that no one wants to eat it!  As you share good food, you grow healthier in your relationship as a family, too. Even with the squabbles that sometimes can (and do!) happen at the dinner table.  Ah, well…at least we can try!

Hope these recipes help you and your family connect, too…